Wednesday, 9 September 2009

jim Morrison, modigliani and Patti Smith

Babs calls from Coeurd'Alanes Idaho, I think she has the wrong number, I think she thinks she is talking to Rusty.

She says; I read this in the paper today, listen to this...

PATTI SMITH SAID: Actually, the first time I visited Pere Lachaise cemetery was when Jim Morrison was still alive. It was in 1969 and I was 23. I went to honor the painter Amadeo Modigliani and his tragic lover Jeanne H├ębuterne, who lies in the grave right next to his. Back then I wanted so much to look like the models in Modigliani's paintings...

Then Babs says; Didn't that old bastard Nieupjur Know someone called Hebuterne?

I am lost for words, I hang up trembling, thinking of a muse long lost.

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