Monday, 19 July 2010

Agony Aunt.

I was thinking about dysfunctional families.

You know, planet Earth, dysfunctional family or what?

I wanted to write to some-one about it and looked for an agony aunt.

Agony Aunt... Excuse me but that is an oxymoron surely... Thus:

Dear Auntie
I'm in agony
I've fallen in love
with the mum of my cousin
yeah the twin of my mother
and then to cap that
so has my brother
he's fallen in love
before you get thinking
that that can't be too bad
I've just discovered
that so has my dad
he's fallen in love
Dear auntie
it's agony falling in love.

they're now always fighting
my pop and my mother
when they're doing that
I'm fighting my brother
We say we are all doing it
for the sake of our aunt
our maxim our mantra
our scientologists chant

Dear auntie
I'm in agony

And i'm no longer in love.

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