Saturday, 17 July 2010

Scientology, Portobello and um yes scientology.

When I blogged about Potobello Rocks being cancelled I mentioned scientology.

I got a lot of shit back for mentioning religion... I was pressurised into taking the scientology reference out of the blog. And you know, I bowed to the pressure. I was bullied!

That is what scientologists do; they bully!

The fact is that there was a rather dodgy element to the Portobello Rocks agenda... From my point of view the whole thing was being hijacked by dodgy geezers.

Fraser Kee Scott is the man who had decided to be the self appointed spokesperson for Portobello Road, backed by, and here is the funny bit, NOT WarrenTodd, but by Scientology!

Scientology is not about religion, scientology is about bullying... Crass bullying at that.

If god existed I can assure you he would not be a scientologist. And if god existed he would not want scientologists holding a forum on the future of Portobello Road.

If god existed he would be buying a couple of silver spoons on the Portobello and then going for a beer in the Gold, meeting us and then talking about how we are going to sort this shit out!

Warren Todd would be sitting at his feet.


Mya.L said...

Don't ever let anyone bully or pressure you!

Unknown said...

It's interesting to note that the Scientology "Stress Test" recruitment tables have been banned from operating on the Portobello Market after several instances of unlicensed street trading in the past. Scientology also believes that it's not beholden to the rules of the rest of society - as evinced by their litigious attitude and ruthless attacks through both legal and illegal means on their critics.

I am also a resident of the Portobello Road area, and I'm extremely concerned to hear that FKS and Scientology have been trying to hijack local events to push their own agenda. I shall be writing to RBKC council to make them aware of Scientology's nefarious practices, and would urge any other residents of the borough reading this to also do so.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely typical of Scientology. I'm not a bit surprised. I think they're getting a bit aggressive at the present time following a lot of negative media attention - it's worth noting that their tax status in the UK has come under scrutiny due to the fact that they claim their UK operation is run out of South Australia - from an address that's nothing to do with them. It might be worth notifying Anonymous of this.