Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cobden crap. Taurus Trakker plus the POWA at the Inn on the Green.

No Joseph. that is not how to do it! you have to become a rock star before you start behaving like one.

I don't normally do negative reviews; they are mean and unnecessary, I usually just don't mention crap acts and arseholes..... Until today! And this is not about Joseph Dean Osgood it is about the Cobden Club!

I pitched up at the Cobden last night to see Joseph perform at his album launch, now remind me, what is an album launch? Oh yes! It is a marketing device for a record company and it's product.... Joseph is the product.   what do I do?  I review stuff, not many readers but a few thousand all the same. I had let Joseph know that i would like to turn up and that I'd puff it.

Neither the Idiot goon in the silly hat, nor the raddled ex rock chick at the Cobden would let me through and then asked me for a fiver to get in!  I would have happily paid full price Joseph but I was insulted by the five pound thing.  The fact is that the Cobden  has had it's very short day!  I shall not go back there and will not miss it and its stupid pretensions.... The cobden WAS a working men's club once upon a time. Now it is just full of Wankers.

As I told them.... I'll go and review something else.  

I went to the Inn on the Green to see  some friends perform and to see a band called Taurus Trakker... Brilliant, free, good fun, cheap beer, good people, many surprises including Murray Lachlan young turning up (we shouted at each other about filming poetry during some loud rock n roll). Roger Pomphrey (the POWA( silly name)) is a pretty mean guitarist, Kevin Petillo on drums (a rare example of a very good American) looks just like Side Show Bob would look like if playing drums and the bass player Herman (I met him at Port Eliot when he was playing with Bess Cavendish) is the coolest dude I've ever seen, when I die I'm coming back as a tall thin black guy with long dreads and a bass guitar, bet I get lots of girls!  

Made some new friends (hi Tracy, remember me!(she is cute)) and am resolved to go back to the Inn on the Green soon... I hadn't been since Howard Marks Bored me to tears there years ago!

So anyway. Long thing short.... Cobden; pretentious, awkwardly placed, idiots in the lobby, over the hill and rubbish....  Inn on the Green; great place, atmosphere and well worth going to!

Joseph Dean Osgood?  didn't get to see him perform so I have no Idea how it was....  You decide.

I'll decide about the Cobden!   SHIT!

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Anonymous said...

There's got to be some misunderstanding somewhere.
Old or young is not the point!