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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ta ta Tristesse, Luz Morales and Churchie La Femme.

Jan has talked me into something I know I will regret.

He came for lunch today and his demeanour was not encouraging.  'What's up'. I asked.

'I feel like a child on Christmas day who has just been given a bunny rabbit only to watch his parents eat it for lunch.'

I quickly weaned him away from whatever disaster he was about to relate.

Jan has asked me (hence the luncheon meeting) to participate in a little scheme of his. It will end in tears  as usual but how do you refuse a man like Jan Nieupjur!  

We are going to open a cabaret/burlesque club thing; it will be called Ta ta Tristesse and happen just once a month at a venue yet to be decided.  the venue will be as small as possible, maybe space for 40 people.

Acts will vary but regulars will be Luz Morales (Jan's new Muse) and Churchie La Femme ( a future star if ever I saw one).

Watch this space for more details.

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