Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Idler Academy launch party and a Cow on good form.

Thursday evening saw the launch of the Idler Academy in Westbourne Park Road, W11.

Such was the size of the crowd attending the party that is was impossible to swing a cat, even in an idle manner. Characters not seen for many moons turned out to wish the venture success; I am not going to name-drop though (that would be far too uncouth). Absinthe flowed freely throughout the evening... Sensibly I avoided the stuff.

The Academy, a combination of bookshop, cafe and venue for edifying lectures is a welcome arrival in this little corner of West London which is a haven of calm midst the madness of  Portobello/Notting Hill.

Drinks were taken afterwards at the Cow next door (which stands exactly half way between my garret and the Academy) where, by happy chance, a good number of the local crowd had gathered to frighten off the tourists. Just like the old days.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Poly Styrene diagnosed with cancer.

X-ray Spex provided part of the soundtrack to my life in London in the late 70's.

Polly; a genuine eccentric has now been diagnosed with cancer... Let's pray that she can beat it.


Update. April 26th 2011.  Sadly Poly has lost her battle with cancer. She will be missed.

Cornish Pasties under threat from Alien imports.

A new Armada threatens the British despite EU protection.

I am hearing disturbing reports from my contacts in Cornwall of Spanish pastie bakery ships, masquerading as trawlers, massing off the coast. Apparently they have found a loophole in the EU law protecting the Cornish Pasty and are able to freely and legally call their products'Cornish Pasties' as they are manufactured within British territorial waters. These ' Cadiz Pasties' are being snuck ashore at night (using ages old smugglers tunnels) and transported to bakeries and shops throughout Britain.

If this were not bad enough I am reliably informed that these Spanish monstrosities not only contain shards of carrot but are crimped along the top.

Enough is enough! The theft of our pilchards by those Spanish blighters for the illegal Stargazey pie industry should have been a warning to us all.

time to fight back... Time to flood Andalucia with Paella made with basmati rice and Arbroath smokies.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A new theatre in Notting Hill.

I'm losing my edge. Or just not noticing what's going on any more!

A new small theatre has opened on Hereford Road W2 in an old print works; giving rise to the name the print room. I noticed it on my way back from Westbourne Grove, poked my head in the door and was greeted warmly and invited in to have a look round.

It is neither a conventional theatre nor large (seating 80) but it is just what we need; Notting Hill, for all its bohemian strutting, is criminally short of venues such as this. It has the feel of a place that has passionate people behind it; again something that the area is short of.

Currently 'Snake in the grass' by Alan Ayckbourn is playing.

Good news indeed... Let's go!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Idler Academy coming to Westbourne Park Road.

The Idler is to open its academy on Westbourne Park Road on March 1st. Handy for me it is but a 30 second idle stroll from my front door.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Beckham, Mubarak and beer.

OK.  I waited well past 8.00 O Clock for Mubarak to speak... I was aiming for the Cow and a well earned beer but the Egyptian kept me waiting only to hear that he ain't going so I head to the pub...

Only to find David Beckham hogging the seat by the fire.

Surely both Beckham and Mubarak can afford their own fires and leave the Cow fire to the locals.

I like a chat at the bar with the locals normally but when I am confronted with dull stares over Egypt but animated enthusiasm over a past it footballers I worry.

I worry.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gary Moore Dies.

He was only three years older than me for heavens sake.

I never really got into Thin Lizzy at the time. Maybe we should listen to some now!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Killjoy alert on the Portobello Road.

Ryan O'Reilly; prince of buskers and regular Saturday attraction sent me this message today:

Ryan O'Reilly 05 February at 14:03 Report
Hi Tristan, just thought you'd be interested for your blog that we got properly got moved on today. some guy in a suit came up and disturbed our crowd then forced the PCSO's to remove us (against their will as they kept saying) he lived all the way down the road and as you know we don't use amps. couldn't believe it, then he rather laughably said he'd bring a bat to sort us out next time. The PCSO's said that they'd missed a street robbery because of his constant complaining. Anyway, sorry for the rant but like I say if you wish to mention it in your blog then please feel free.
all the best.

What the fuck is wrong with some people? 

Portobello has been here for a long long time. It is, on Fridays and Saturdays, a bustling noisy street. The buskers are part of the attraction for the thousands of tourists who visit each weekend. Why the fuck would 'man in suit' want to move here in the first place?

Maybe he enjoys the cachet of a W11 address. He is obviously suffering for his 'chicness' and should relocate to Pinner immediately and leave Portobello and the rest of us to go about our lives.