Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Island Experiment and rock n roll poetry.

It would be incredibly naff to review an event in which I took part.  However,

The Island last night was great fun, Wade puts on a very good local showcase (rather than open mic) event but when I say local I don't mean parochial I mean it is in a 'Local' with a big loyal following which attracts acts from all over the place.

Last night's line up was consistently good with one or two demonstrating great talent. I'm not going to put a list here, there is a link to the Island Experiment fb page on the right.

On a personal level My poetry was kindly received and thanks to the presence of house bassist Patrick and Roger Pomphrey I was able to do my rock n roll poem with guitar solo. Always a high point for me when I find a willing collaborator.

If you are ever in NW10 on a Wednesday night You could do no better than get down to the Island.

My poem 'Poetry is the new Rock n Roll' will be getting another airing at Loco Cabaret @ the Grand Union W9 on Saturday night with Dan Antrobus providing the solo.

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