Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sexual assault by Portobello Road gallery owner.

A sad tale of a Notting Hill art gallery owner sexually assaulting an artist in public has come my way.

There were witnesses to the assault which took place a couple of days ago. I shall be writing much more on this matter.

I have asked the Guy in question if he would like to put his side across... He ain't answered yet.

What this is doing however is drawing out of the woodwork, on facebook, the kind of guy who says: "The place for this is the courts, not facebook". Perpetrators of this kind of assault on women love the courts, it is another opportunity to further humiliate their victims. When the courts address the balance and start recognising victims as victims and stop allowing public humiliations at the hands of sociopaths will be the time to use their system.

It is a man's world.

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What happened?