Friday, 8 July 2011

Kingsland Butchers leave Portobello road & Home deliveries.

Sadly kingslands have gone. I don't know the reasons for the departure but it leaves us without an affordable good butchers. You need to re-mortgage the house to use the butchers up the road (I'm not going to name them, they ain't getting any free publicity from me).

The good news is that Kingsland Edwardian Butchers will continue to do home deliveries in the area twice a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call them on 01932 241815. Or visit their Website HERE


Van said...

Totally unfounded comment Charlie!

kingsland said...

Dear Tristan

Thankyou for your comment may I just update you, we do deliveries into Portobello Tues and Fridays.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank all our customers in their support of our departure.

As you state you would have to have gold plated credit cards and cash, to continue to buy meat at affordable prices within W11.

We hope our delivery service will address those issues for you and the community and look forward to keeping in touch.

H R Field
Kingsland Edwardian Butchers

Unknown said...

Hunts of Shepherds Bush closed a few months ago. Like Kingsland they opened early enough to buy meat before work for weekday entertaining. Meat was prepared in front of me, to my spec, whether sliced, rolled, boned or whatever, regardless of the animal. Last night I asked Waitrose to joint a whole chicken. Simple, you'd think, but they don't do it. So I thought I'd try Kingsland in Portobello only to discover they've closed too. Like you I can't afford the Holland Park lot, or the other expensive one in Askew Rd. One more to try: Allen Foster in North Pole Road, who also open early. Does anyone go there?