Monday, 25 July 2011

The Van Susans at the 100 Club.

I hadn't been to the 100 club in years. My visit to the lavatory on Friday night went part of the way to explaining why.

I took along a friend I hadn't been to a gig with since our teens 40 years ago; the two support bands convinced us that nothing has changed in 40 years. We haven't grown up, Rock n roll hasn't aged but sometimes you wish it would die. I'm sure the band members were having fun and we were content to reminisc and wait for the Van Susans.

We were there for the launch of their EP 'We could be scenery', out on Beatnik Geek Records now. I'd not heard of them before but was told they were worth a listen. so we listened.

Described as a PopCore/indie band (no help to me but I'm not their target audience) Van Susans are a good looking sextet with a charismatic frontman Olly Andrews and a violin wielding woman, I'm partial to a violin in a band ever since the Velvet Underground. so far so good.

And well worth the smelly loos and indifferent generic support it was too. the band have some good songs with some intelligent narratives, harmonic melodies and a sense of fun. I'm not a musician, I'll leave that stuff up to other more qualified reviewers, I'm part of an audience and all I can write about is being there.

We will hear more from this band, they reminded me of someone or something but it may have been that they just reminded me to see them again.

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