Monday, 5 September 2011

LOCO at the Grand Union, Tammy Weisgerber and Rob Alder.

LOCO has gone weekly, demonstrating that one can never have enough of a good thing. Despite having put out a call for cowbells none were forthcoming and I was forced to shelve my planned premiere of the 'Poem for Cowbell'. Oh well! Another time. Many thanks to Odrin for the rock n roll poem guitar solo.

This weeks surprise was provided by the appearance of Tammy Weisgerber in the audience who very kindly allowed herself to be persuaded to do a couple of numbers accompanied by Paul Greendale...  then came back on later to duet with Rob Alder. Powerful stuff.
                                                  Tammy Weisgerber.

Rob finished the evening off with, along with 'The Freak Elite', a couple of Led Zeppelin numbers. Loud, rowdy and rousing. Rob has a great rock/blues voice. Check him out!

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