Friday, 2 September 2011

Why Cocaine should be legalized.

Ok. I know I have ploughed this furrow before but it is rich soil.

Picture this at Carnival...

Scene 1: Black kids being stopped and searched on a regular basis; any trace of weed or crack and it is a nicking, the assumption being that they must have stolen something to buy the drugs.

Scene 2: Middle class white kids openly snorting Cocaine off their mobiles in the street witnessed by the police who allow them to continue unchallenged on the assumption that they have not stolen anything to buy the drugs with but have had it handed to them by Mummy or Daddy.

Scene 3: Scores of white middle class girls lying in the streets having drugged themselves stupid on a cocktail of coke, mdma, alcohol and more.

Something is very wrong here.

Here is an idea... Legalise Cocaine. Tax it highly. Spend the revenue raised on making life better for the kids in the sink estates and those on or below the poverty line. they wouldn't need to steal anything then and the little rich kids can continue self medicating in order to block out the fact that they are far more troubled than the poor kids. And the rich lids parents can continue forking out money in order to assuage their guilt.

Of course it will never happen. The government wouldn't consider real solutions.

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