Saturday, 4 February 2012

Always Never. A valentines day poem.

I met my love on Wormwood Scrubs
he was running for his life
'Hide me from the law' He says
and I'll take you for me wife.

Now, I'm a middle aged shy spinster
and I've never had a man
at this uncertain time of life
you've got to grab it where you can.

I put my coat about him
my hat upon his head
when the old bill came running up
'He went that way' . I said.

My first man was true to his word
his loyalty didn't falter
six weeks later in Turnham Green
he met me at the alter.

Standing there in the eyes of god
the union about to be blessed
up stepped a copper in a shiny suit
cuffed him... 'You're under arrest'.

I says to the copper 'You can't do this,
You're destroying our future lives'.
'He's got his life'. He says with a grin
'For the murder of his last three wives'.

I now visit my love in wormwood Scrubs
It is a love that will last forever
for when I ask the board about parole....

The reply is always never.

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