Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Squirrel eats fox.


We had a foxes skull on the window ledge outside the kitchen. I would often find the skull on the ground and assumed that the wind had moved it until one day last week I saw a squirrel sitting on the decking gnawing at the skull clenched in its paws. The following day I witnessed the little bugger trying to carry the skull off... I got it back and returned it to the window ledge.

Yesterday the squirrel got the skull as far as the top of the garden fence before I intervened.

Today the skull has gone. I presume it is up in a dray being gnawed at by a family of sniggering squirrels.

Gayageum version of Voodoo Chile by Luna.


I like this! I shall be talking to the muse about a harp interpretation.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cannabis scratch and sniff cards. Or should that be scraff and snitch!



I read today in the Guardian that the charity 'Crimestoppers' is to circulate cannabis scented scratch and sniff cards in order to help the public identify pot farms for the police. Full article HERE

Phineus T, Fat Freddy and Freewheelin Franklin must be laughing their heads off at this, not to mention Fat Freddy's cat who likes nothing more than a snaff and scritch.

Potheads around the country will be eyeing little old ladies (handbags stuffed with the cards) with a new sense of amazement.

And a new term is coined: the scraff and snitch card!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Notting Hill to have 'Literary Festival'.

According to an article in the standard Notting hill is about to have its own literary festival over the weekend of the 10th - 12th of april.

My inner cynic is screaming at me that it will probably consist of estate agents reading from their brochures, yummy mummies reading from menus and bankers bigging up their bonus reports.

The organiser is literary agent Laetitia rutherford so my inner cynic may be slightly off the mark.

We'll see.