Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Urinal song.

I love the sound of piss on zinc

Donna's sleepy tales
of rain on Trinidad tin roofs
that she told me as we lay
in a Gloucester park how
she reeked of passion
and coconut oil
The downpour
on the corrugated school bike shed
where Mandy and I
traded tobacco smoke laden kisses
and held our own geography lessons
discovering America
The rusty dutch barn
in which we made hay
and then hasty crop circles
in that hay
and planned al fresco escapades
in the ripening wheat
Come the sun
Of the beach girl
dancing naked
save a transparent plastic mac
the deluge
drumming on the upturned boats
as I drowned in her exclusive proximity
Before realisation that
it was the breaking of our 'summer'
30 years have leached out all but
the salty memory of those monsoon kisses
that creeps up my spine
At the sound of piss on zinc.

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