Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Grenfell Tower. Those who need to keep away.

This is far from a comprehensive list but these are examples of what this community does not need:

  • The tabloid press.
  • Tory politicians blaming the victims.
  • The disaster tourists.

Never miss a selfie opportunity.
  • The scientologists and all the other fake Shamen, emotional snake oil salesmen and spiritual con merchants.

Church of Scientology tent set up under the west way.
  • The Anarchists and activists attempting to hijack the disaster for the furtherment of their own agenda.
  • The conspiracy theorists
  • The leaders of RBKC until they hand themselves in to the police.
  • The well heeled beneficiaries of the 'Gentrification' of the area who wander down to take a look.
  • The 'young Lions' demanding a riot.
  • Anyone who is not directly affected by this tragedy but feels it is all about themselves.
  • The Just giving web site making a fortune out of misfortune. Boycott them now.
  • Those people attempting to turn this into some kind of ghoulish Carnival.
  • The fake 'documentary' makers.

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