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Thursday, 16 June 2011


Icon Tact. Bob West.

Bob writes:
It's constructed from a series of hand made faux messiahs in plaster around the edges.  An actual external solid wood frame,  The main image is on a separate board, canvas covered and slightly uplifted to sit proud of the framing device.  The main panel is a montage of bits.    There is a small upturned, hand painted postal box for jewellery in the bottom left-hand corner beside the central face; a fake looking relic on the other side made from nails and bits of gnarled leather and at the top right-hand side, obscuring the crown a little, is another applied 'thing' figure with a tin insert.   The central figure is surrounded by what are to me rather archetypical characters making hand gestures that crop up a lot in my work.   The worn down nature of the thing is a key element; lots of scratched surfaces and purposeful ageing - care worn and enticed.  The main figure has brass  'eyebrows' from an old gas mantle.  It's mostly painted in acrylic with household emulsion - although I am tempted to say 'household emotion' which has a better ring to its echoing tones.

Is it my imagination or is the figure at bottom left holding a severed head.What's that all about then?