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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Killjoy alert on the Portobello Road.

Ryan O'Reilly; prince of buskers and regular Saturday attraction sent me this message today:

Ryan O'Reilly 05 February at 14:03 Report
Hi Tristan, just thought you'd be interested for your blog that we got properly got moved on today. some guy in a suit came up and disturbed our crowd then forced the PCSO's to remove us (against their will as they kept saying) he lived all the way down the road and as you know we don't use amps. couldn't believe it, then he rather laughably said he'd bring a bat to sort us out next time. The PCSO's said that they'd missed a street robbery because of his constant complaining. Anyway, sorry for the rant but like I say if you wish to mention it in your blog then please feel free.
all the best.

What the fuck is wrong with some people? 

Portobello has been here for a long long time. It is, on Fridays and Saturdays, a bustling noisy street. The buskers are part of the attraction for the thousands of tourists who visit each weekend. Why the fuck would 'man in suit' want to move here in the first place?

Maybe he enjoys the cachet of a W11 address. He is obviously suffering for his 'chicness' and should relocate to Pinner immediately and leave Portobello and the rest of us to go about our lives.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ryan O'Reilly band amuse the police on Portobello Road.

I heard rumours that the Ryan O'Reilly band were hassled by the police and moved on from their regular Saturday morning  Portobello Road spot. 

Got in touch with Ryan for details:

"Yeah. But I got them laughing and we had a chat about Mick Jones from the Clash and the Sargent seemed to warmto us after that so he marched us outside Orwell's house where there is a big no busking sign and said he gives us special permission to busk there. We got moved because the crowd was too big and spilling into the main road. Just another adventure in the life of a busker!"

Buskers such as Ryan and his band: are an important part of the life and soul of Portobello Road. Why can't the authorities work this out for themselves.

Here's an idea; Tell All Saints to bugger off and create an indoor busking site for the winter months.